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Avon Chiropractor for Family Wellness

Feel Your Best at Dr. Laura Larson

Avon Chiropractor Dr. Laura Larson offers the best in state-of-the-art pain relief and wellness optimization for her many patients. At Dr. Laura Larson's our over two decades of experience and expertise help every patient have a better, richer life. Our chiropractic wellness care center is dedicated to bringing you the type of combined treatment excellence that consistently produces the results you seek.

Dr Larson


We Can Restore Your
Health and Vitality

Dr. Laura specializes in techniques that appeal to the unique issues facing middle-aged women, children and teens of every age. Our patient population ranges in age from 9 days to 99 years, so everyone is welcome.

We incorporate a cutting-edge functional nutrition approach into our practice to help our patients heal more quickly and attain transformative results. This care is personal, customized and proactive. We empower our patients to take an active role in their own health by enhancing their nutritional profile. We work closely with those we serve, guiding them to reap the benefits of an active lifestyle and pain-free living.