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Nutrition in Avon

Nutrition is Charged by Superfoods

Box of veggiesImagine that nutritional superfoods could transform your health from a state of constantly feeling bad to a place of glowing vitality. What would you choose to transform first? Would you want more energy, better sleep, better mental clarity, less physical stress, better physical performance and strength, weight management? Would you be open to trying something new so that you could feel your best?

Genetic Nutrition

When genetics are out of order, it’s called a mutation. Mutations lead to an inability of the body to create what it’s supposed to create; maybe Vitamin D, or an enzyme or a protein that’s vital.

When these needed materials aren’t being manufactured we become deficient in our potential. When wastes aren’t broken down, we become toxic.

Modern day nutrition is becoming that specialized. At our practice, we can now know what the body can and cannot do and design a customized plan to support the systems in question. The result is healthy aging and feeling good.

Blood Work

Blood work can lend insight as to what needs to be addressed. It can also give us important feedback as to the success of your treatment regimen. Accurate blood work and hormone testing helps us to guide you to a state of ideal holistic health and performance.

Supplement with Superfoods

Why is it often necessary to supplement? You have unique needs which may not be fueled by your current dietary habits. Our need for supplementation arises from factors such as:

  • Access to diverse food groups
  • Education
  • Genetics
  • Life choices
  • Location
  • Stress
  • Time

Order you Nutrition SupplementsSupplementing with ideal superfoods for your individual needs will light you up and make you feel amazing. It’s like your system is a jigsaw puzzle with a few missing pieces. When the unique few pieces are integrated, the puzzle becomes whole— and you thrive!

Body type, metabolism, frame, chemical dominance, taste and culture are all going to affect what food systems may be right for you. Having this knowledge will assist us in shifting your dietary needs in the right direction, creating an ideal system for you.

Dr. Laura Larson offers support to your online access for your nutritional program’s needs. If you do not see your needed supplement here, please call or message the office for your order to be drop shipped easily to your home. Contact us today and let’s get started!

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